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3JA Fantasy Sports[three jack] verb (golf slang): to three-putt.  One of the most infuriating occurrences on a golf course.  Frequent occurrences are indicative of hack golfers.  An action capable of turning a birdie attempt into a bogey in a matter of seconds.


[al-ma-nac] noun: a reference publication providing useful, interesting facts and statistical information on countries of the world, sports, entertainment, etc.

UPDATE: We have launched HAMMER DFS , a premium DFS Consultation Service. Check it out today! 


Who We Are & What We Do:

#1) Golf Fanatics – We eat, live and breathe golf!  From tournaments to golf stories, we follow it all.  Course reviews?  We do those as well.  Product reviews?  Sure thing.

You can always catch us on Twitter @3jackalmanac and on Tuesday night’s are part of #golfchat, where hardcore golf fans discuss the latest topics.

We are golf historians who watch old tournaments like Johnny Miller’s US Open win at Oakmont to lesser dramatic wins like Robert Gamez holing out to win at Bay Hill.

We may only be around 10 handicaps, but we swear and yell at every missed chance to break 80. We have heart and passion for the game and we bring that energy to 3 Jack Almanac as well.


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#2) Daily Fantasy Sports Predictors – Led by Johnny G, our fantasy sports expert, we post NBA,  NFL, NHL, NASCAR, MMA and of course, Golf DFS advice!


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We do not have outrageous claims of cashing 80% of the time. We are real, legitimate and honest. Experience and patience playing fantasy sports for over 20 years gives us the skills and our financial expertise gives us the diligence involved in managing our bankroll and avoiding getting emotional with a losing streak.

Listen, occasionally we will put a lineup that is just awful. Terrible, but we all do it eventually. But hell, that is what playing daily fantasy sports is all about. The highs and lows and having a good time while playing responsibly. With good strategy and play, over the course of a season, you will find patterns and be able to get over 60% in 50/50 contests and place in some tournaments as well.

It is not a get rich quick scheme where you win big right off the bat and if you treat it as such your endeavor into fantasy sports DFS style will be short. If you were to play $5 on the lottery, focus that energy on DFS and use some skill to perhaps make that $5 last longer playing at either FanDuel or DraftKings. And you get to watch sports all night for that $5. So either way, you are better off than just buying the lotto ticket…… unless you were the lucky person to win the 256 million. Oh well…

The seasons are long, and our mindset is consistency pays off. Just like the stock market, the race is a long term endeavor, where quick snappy judgments to play catch up never work out well.

So there you have it, a little insight about 3JackAlmanac, where we try to make a getaway from the working world into a little place filled with golf and fantasy sports.

Also, if you are really into DFS, then you need to be monitoring DFS Weather Reports for all the live storm data and updates!

Take a look around.