Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of contests are your lineups geared for, Cash or GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool)?

Johnny G typically likes a balanced lineup.  Remaining balanced tends to raise the scoring floor more times than not.  JG’s lineups are optimized for bankroll management (more on that below), so they always keep the 50/50’s and Double Ups as the primary focus, but that’s not to say they can’t take down a GPP.

How do you handle Bankroll Management?

Hedge your bets properly and you’ll be playing with House money.  We always suggest hedging your big tournaments with 50/50’s and Double Ups.  The reason is simple: you’re going to cash far more often in 50/50’s & DU, so if you can maintain your bankroll it will buy you time until you hit the tournament prize money.

What size 50/50 do you prefer?

The best results seem to come from the 100 entry 50/50, although the numbers don’t vary much with 50 person contests.  Look, the sharks are out there, so you want to get into a contest with a big mixture.  If there are enough entrants you can withstand a few sharks and still cash.