Golfer Hit By Stolen Car On 18th Tee

There are bad breaks on the golf course, and then there is this.

Kevin Reinert, a retired Air Force Colonel, was on the 18th tee box of the Starmount Forest Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina when he was struck by a car, according to the Greenboro News & Record.

The car was stolen and being driven by Isaiah Jurel Fox.  Police were chasing Fox as a result of his alleged involvement in a nine-scene crime spree.  Fox had driven onto the golf course in an attempt to escape the pursuit.

Reinert was standing on the 18th tee checking his email on his phone before teeing off.  By the time the sound of the motor registered, Reinert looked up to see the vehicle headed directly at him.

As the car accelerated towards him, Reinert’s instincts told him he didn’t have time to evade the impact so he jumped to lessen the blow.  He hit the windshield and rolled over the roof of the vehicle landing 20 feet away from the spot he jumped.

I'd keep playing. I don't think the heavy traffic will show up until later.
I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy traffic will come for quite a while.

Reinert suffered two broken kneecaps, a broken left femur, torn ligaments, and damage to his shoulder.

Fox faces 32 criminal charges and his bail was set at $2.1 million.  The crime spree started at a TJ Maxx where Fox and an associate are accused of stealing $900 worth of purses and assaulting an employee.  The stolen vehicle crashed on the Starmount grounds and the chase ended several miles away when detectives shot and wounded Fox after he fled on foot.

Insult To Injury?

The retired Colonel is a regular at the country club.  He usually plays nine holes three days a week.  This particular day, Reinert had been rained out for a week and was playing well so he decided to add an extra nine holes.  He would later tell course employees he was about to finish a “great” round.

Doctors say Reinert’s prognosis is positive and he should be able to play golf again in 12 months.  The 28-year military veteran said his goal after he completes rehabilitation is to get his handicap from a 14 down to an 8.