Will Shorts Be Allowed on the PGA Tour?

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Shorts have finally broken through to men’s professional golf.

European captain Darren Clarke successfully convinced European Tour CEO Keith Pelley to allow players to wear shorts during practice rounds of the EurAsia Cup.  The policy carried over to the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship last weekend for practice rounds and the pro-am.

Now, the European Tour has made it permanent through an official initiative Pelley says will help modernize the game and appeal to younger fans:

“The fashion of golf is something that the youth adopt. We will have strong rules, but there will be some fashion statements, and it’s a great start.”

"Look how sweaty I am"
“Look how sweaty I am”

Rory McIlroy likes the idea even though his Irish skin may need some prep work:

“I think it’s a good idea to let guys wear shorts in practice rounds. I probably just need a couple more weeks in the sun to get my legs out in public!”

Jordan Spieth even planted the seed for the PGA Tour:

“I think it’s awesome. I think it will be something that I would love to see on the (US) PGA Tour, as well.”

The Debate Is On.

Shorts are not permitted on the PGA Tour and Ty Votaw recently reiterated that policy when asked.  Naturally, this leads to the argument between tradition vs. rejuvenation.  The players have embraced it, and rightfully so since they’re the ones playing in the heat all summer.  It will be seen as a move that not only welcomes the young, but helps in the effort to change the perception of golf as a stuffy, elitist sport.

But the defenders of the old guard will stress the importance of honoring tradition, respecting the gentleman’s game.  They will see it as the bastardization of their beloved game, a move in league with foot golf and 15 inch cups.  Desperate moves to breathe live into a dying sport.  That last one may be a bit much, we’re only talking about shorts.  Here’s Michael Shamburger’s argument against shorts.

Define “Well Dressed”

Pros should be well dressed, you say?  I lean tradition more times than not, but not on this one.  Here’s the thing: a collared shirt and slacks paired with a baseball cap and soft-spiked running shoes is not well dressed.  If you really think about it, it’s only a notch above black socks with sandals.  Athletic shoes/dress pants/polo shirt/baseball cap/god-awful sunglasses is the uniform of the nervous dad you see cautiously walking to the next roller coaster at an amusement park trying to make sure he doesn’t lose a kid.

You can’t talk to me about “well dressed” when Jim Furyk is walking around with spiked Sambas, Kevin Kisner is essentially wearing jeans, and John Daly sports Loudmouth gear.  Let them wear shorts.

What Is Your Opinion of Golf Pros Wearing Shorts?