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Johnny G’s 2015 Week 5 FanDuel College Football Fantasy Picks 10-1-15 to 10-3-15

Last week was a very profitable one with most of the contests. Some key patterns are starting to show and I am confident in this week as well.

I want to mention the late lineup change removing Listenbee from TCU and adding Isiah Jones from ECU.  College football injuries are hard to follow and Patterson from TCU said early Saturday / late Friday that Listenbee may not play.He did not say what the injury was and some people did not even trust him, but the risk was not worth taking.

Instead of taking the risk, I took Isiah who snagged 12 points and helped place in all the early 50/50’s.  The point is you have to check the lineup frequently. I caught that just 20 minutes before the noon games started. And it meant a huge difference. Picking the best FanDuel lineups on a week in and week out basis is tough. Making sure you have a healthy lineup is not that hard.   Or just let Johnny G give you his advice!

As always, check back for frequent updates.


FanDuel 10-1-15 Thursday/Friday Lineup

QB – Paxton Lynch – Memphis – $9500   –

I think he is a must start this week as by far the best QB over this 2-day contest of limited games.

RB – Jahad Thomas – Temple – $8800 –

A huge cost, but he gets tons of carries and is one of the only non-time share running backs this week.  I like 120 yds and a TD out of Thomas in this game.

RB – Mark Walton – Miami – $5500

A talented back that could score multiple TD’s or do very little. Cincinnati’s D is not exactly good so I expect 10 -12 points from him this week.

WR – Shaq Washington – Cincinnati – $6300

Last week was not a fluke, as Shaq is a good WR and should be able to catch a few long balls against an average U team.

WR- Herb Waters – Miami – $5600

While he is not Michael Irvin, Waters is a good possession reciever that can move after the catch. 6 – 8 catches is not out of the question this week.

WR – Chris Moore – Cincinnati – $6400

Not sure about having two WR from same team in an average game, but there is not much talent to pick from after spending the salary on the QB and RB.  He is a pass catching machine though.

TE – Chris Herndon – Miami – $2700

Not much to pick from and he seems to have a decent upside.

FanDuel 10-3-15 Early College Football Lineup

******Shadrach Thornton KICKED OFF TEAM**************  THIS IS WHY YOU WATCH YOUR LINEUP********

*Note: With all the talent in the early games you might want to hedge your bets and play a few lineups.  This one below is WR heavy, which in high scoring games will give you more points than some QB’s.  If you do not like that risk, draft Boykin or Russell at QB and swap out an expensive WR.

QB- Skyler Howard – WVU – 7700 – Savings some salary here, and has huge upside. Very underrated.

RB- Patrick Skov – G.Tech –  5700 – They run… alot!  Hopefully he punches one in again this week.

RB- Shadrach Thornton – NC State. 5200 – – A great RB that was suspended. Expect big things from here on out.

RB Matt Dayes – NC State – 5100 – Now there is no more time share!

WR- Josh Doctson  – TCU – 8700- One of the best WR in the game. Should go 100 + with multiple TD’s.

WR- Corey Coleman – Baylor – 8600 – The o/u is in the 80’s! He should continue his dominance.

WR- Simmie Cobbs – Indiana – 4700 – They may be behind and throwing, so Cobbs should be involved.

TE- Tyler Higbee – W. Kentucky – 4100 – The best TE in the game now!

FanDuel 10-3-15 Late Games CFB Lineup 7pm

QB- D. Prescott – Miss. St – 8300 – Not alot to choose from in the late games that I am comfortable with. He is a dual threat that should be in a high scoring game I hope.

RB- L. Fournette – LSU – 10000 – I didn’t play him last week, but he has Heisman on his horizon and will not take a week off even against lesser competition.

RB- J. Hurd – Tenn – 7500 – A good value for a top notch back with a decent offense.  I like over 100 total yards and a score in this one.

WR- T. White – 4500 – ASU – Very talented WR that should be able to get some catches. Had to save some money with the expensive QB and RB.

WR-Q. Adeboyejo – Mississippi – 5900 – Ole Miss is looking to make up for the below average game against Vandy last week.

WR- D. Morgan – Arkansas – 5700 – With the injuries he is the man in Arkansas.  I expect good things from him, even though the team is playing terrible.

TE- K. Kohl – ASU – 2800 – He starts and will catch a few. Might get in the endzone.  No need to waste money here.