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Johnny G’s 2015/2016 NBA FanDuel Fantasy Preview

It seems just like yesterday when Steph Curry was helping you win your daily fantasy NBA contests.  Well, it should be interesting to see if Golden State can repeat as NBA champs.  I am sure LeBron and company will have something to say about that as well.  Will the Spurs be able to smack back father time another year?  Is Derrick Rose really going to be healthy an entire NBA season?  Or Kyrie Irving for that matter?

A little background of what entails setting a FanDuel lineup.

For those of you who have not played FanDuel NBA before, here is what the lineups look like:

2 PG

2 SG

2 SF

2 PF

1 C


Points = Actual Points (no 3pt bonus)

Rebound = 1.2

Assist = 1.5

Steal = 2.0

Block = 2.0

Turnover= -1

FanDuel NBA Strategies

*Basketball is much more consistent that the other sports.  LeBron is not going to score 6 points and then have 56 points.  Most times a guy on the bench will not score 44 points either.  So you have to know patterns and be able to tell when a game is a FLUKE.   Also, it makes finding bargains much harder.

*You MUST be able to find value plays.  Is a star hurt, did Popovich want to rest the old man squad in San Ant. again?  Did a rookie sign a 10 day contract to fill in?  Things of that nature.

*What kind of tournament are you playing in?   A 50/50 league or a big 100k tournament?   These will make changes to your lineup.  In most 50/50 games you want consistency. If you know a guy will give you 10 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds, that could be all you need.  In a big tournament, you might take a flyer on a guy who could get you 28 points and some rebounds.

DFS NBA Strategy to Keep Your Money

*Everybody wants to win big, but to keep playing you need some small wins. I have for you:

Johnny G’s DFS NBA Bankroll Strategy

It is simple. I am not going to drown you with some fancy software or formulas that claim to find the right lineup day in and day out.  There is no “team” of writers putting together picks. It is me and my money. My picks.  I will write another article about that at a later time.

On any given night say you want to play in the big tournament that is $5 for the entry fee.  I am assuming a loss, since only about 10 – 15 percent of the big tournaments place.   So to make up that, you need to hit some 50/50’s.

Play 7 $1 50/50 Games.  Yes I said 7. Seven.   They pay 1.80 to place in the top 50 percent.  There for you have 7 * 1.80 = 12.60.  You just made up your entry fees [5 +7 = 12].  And made 60 cents on the side.   This will make your bankroll last.  You can have fun going for the big prize and still come out ahead.

So Johnny G, why all the little $1 games instead of bigger ones?  Lineup diversification.  And NOT yours.  Many times in my contests of say 50 people, my lineup may come in 12th, 18th, 15th, 10th, etc.  The SAME LINEUP!   Your opponents vary a great deal there are SO many contests.   Fantasy NBA does not have to be expensive to play.

Or just forget about all those big winner dreams and make money playing dfs slowly, like Johnny G does.  Stay tuned for more articles.

Thank you all for your support. Let’s keep winning.  I want to get many FanDuel NBA posts out there, probably not every night to start but I hope.  Contact me if you want more NBA advice when I do not post.