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Johnny G’s DraftKings NBA 10-19-2016 Lineup Advice

Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 fantasy NBA season. Not much is better than getting your DraftKings NBA lineup ready and chilling in front of the TV to watch all the games. At least that is our favorite thing to do. This year will be a slightly different format, but will bring MUCH more benefit to you, our fans, if you choose to join us in this venture.

Our sister site, http://hammerdfs.com, will be providing PAID advice and consulting on your lineups all season long, EVERY DAY, for all the main slates. Now, since the professional lines will be discussed at Hammer DFS, we will still give a little tease article here every day as a tip, and hopefully you will join us at our group.

Just a $1 entry won $1250.00 from HAMMER DFS last year. 2nd place out of 35,294 entrants.  Want some of this action? Tell them 3 Jack Almanac sent you.

We offer a very affordable subscription service and run the service like a company. An LLP with general ledgers and the like. With decades of business experience we do this stuff right. Contact us at HammerDFS@gmail.com or on Twitter @HammerDFS. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with our NBA lineup advice. Oh we also promise all main slates for MLB, NFL, MMA, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR…. all for the same low price per month.

Now onto tonight’s tip of the day: If you are big into taking risks, watch the news-feeds and team home pages minutes before lock during the preseason. You can find out a ton because many starters do not even suit up before the season starts. High risk but high reward.

Remember, you should always check your final lineups right before the players lock, since there are often last minute changes that will allow you to get some cheap players who are now starting! The ones who consistently win update their lineups on game day minutes before the lineups lock. The benefit to DraftKings NBA contests is that they lock at each individual game start time, unlike FanDuel which locks at the beginning of the FIRST contest of the slate.

Best of luck in your NBA DFS 10-19-2016 50/50 or tournaments! Let us know who you put on your fantasy teams tonight!
Our DraftKings NBA strategy can help you better your plays and winning percentages. Check out why you want to join us at http://hammerdfs.com. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again to all our followers here at 3 Jack Almanac. Feel free to leave some comments, we normally respond within a day, most times less. Be aware of late scratches too, especially as the playoffs approach some guys rest when they are not even hurt.

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