Johnny G’s 11/13/15 FanDuel College Basketball Lineup

College Basketball season kicks off on Friday, November 13 and FanDuel CBB is back in business again. UNC is playing tonight, which has always had a spot in my heart ever since MJ played there back in the ’80’s. Wow, I am getting old. Anyway, the first few weeks of CBB will be tough because we know so little, the player rotations are not finalized like the NBA does it normally, so many things will be changing, it will take insight, research and a little luck in order to come out with some 50/50 or GPP winners.

Nov 13 Fanduel CBB Lineup for 50/50 Contest

FK. MeeksUNC6800In what should be a somewhat close game, Meeks will look to get UNC back on the national map.
FT. MehintiUAB5100Not sure what to expect since he did not do much last year.
FJ. JacksonUNC6900One of the UNC stars, he will have to perform at an high level for UNC. I think it starts tonight.
FO. EnechionyiaTemp5000Had some good games last March, let us see how he builds on it.
FH. SpencerAub5100Spencer should be able to get some good reps before SEC play starts up.
GA. AndrewsWash8200Brandon Roy type of UW quality here. He can ball.
GT. WallaceCal8800A senior in CBB is rare these days at this level. He average almost 20 ppg last year and will be even better this year.
GI. TaylorTex7700Playing Washington in what should be a decent game to start the season.
GM. GuercyRice6200Not sure what to expect outta him, but he seems to be a decent value for what he can do.


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Good luck in your DFS contests tonight!

Hopefully we can get some 50/50 winners with this lineup.