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Johnny G’s week 11 DraftKings college football lineup 11-10-15 to 11-14-15

Week 11 of the CFB DFS season brings us some mid week games and some great Saturday games. The MAC plays this Tuesday and Wednesday and I think you almost have to hit the BGSU vs WMU game hard. Matt Johnson is heads and shoulders above the rest of the QB’s during the contest. Finding which of his WR is best can be trickier. I think Lewis is the best, but if they double him most the game the others will go off. I also like WMU RB in this game.

Also, watch out for the weather. The Midwest is expected to get some heavy rain, so that could put a damper on passing games.

DraftKings Tuesday-Wednesday College Football Fantasy Lineup 11/10/15 – 11/11/15

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBMatt JohnsonBGSU @WMU9500In what should be a high scoring game, why go against one of the best QB in college fantasy football?
QBCooper RushTOL@ CMU5600In a tough matchup, Rush should be able to grind out some yards and hopefully find the endzone.
RBJamauri BoganBGSU@ WMU5600A TD Machine, look for him to score against the BGSU weak defense.
RBJoel BouagnonNIU @BUF6000A good RB, he should be able to get some yards against Buffalo this week.
WRBrendan CopeKENT@ OHIO3600A sleeper play, this game of two not so good teams will allow him to get a few catches at least.
WRAntwan DixonKENT @OHIO3700Going with Lewis meant I had to cut salary here. He does contribute some though.
WRRoger LewisBGSU @WMU7900Lewis is a beast and I am trying to double up the TD with Johnson at QB.
FLEXMarcus McGillNIU@ BUF3800McGill has some potential this week, as they will be throwing, probably from behind.
FLEXMatt WeiserNIU@ BUF4200Weiser had a huge game last week and is good for 5 catches a game of late.


DraftKings Saturday 11/14/15 12pm Early Games Lineup

It looks like finally the TCU combo failed me last week. I think Doctson getting hurt was a major part, but also feel Boykin and him are getting very expensive. If they did not combine for 90 plus points it was hard to find enough value other places with the salary limitations at hand. So this week I loaded up with Dalvin Cook and Wendall Smallwood at RB. I also feel Cook and Rudolph can have big games at QB and their values are pretty decent.

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBConnor CookMD@ MSU7400Cook has the potential to throw for 4 TD in this one against an average Maryland team.
QBMason RudolphOKST @ISU6900National title talk will get OK State up for what could have been a let down game. They will be ready.
RBDalvin CookNCST@ FSU8900Maybe the best RB in the country does not really play in the SEC…
RBW. SmallwoodUT@ WV6700Does not get the credit he deserves, Smallwood is a great running back.
WRZach AustinKSU@ TT3300Sleeper play, still a good value even after a bad week last week.
WRJaylen SamuelsNCST @FSU4900Run. Catch. This guy can do it all.
WRMichael ThomasOSU @IL5100I think OSU hangs 50 this week. They need to prove a point.
FLEXCharone PeakeCLEM @SYR3300Peake has big play abilities and at 3300 is worth the risk. Not much else out there.
FLEXBrandon SheperdOKST @ISU3500Hope for 12 fantasy points outta him.


DraftKings Saturday 11/14/15 7pm Late Games Picks
In the late games I like the Baylor combo of Stidham and Coleman. They proved me wrong last week so I will give them a chance in my lineup tonight. Also, Pumphrey is an amazing back who does not get enough credit.

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBJarrett StidhamOU@ BU7800
QBP.J. WalkerTEMP @USF6200
RBD'Angelo BrewerTLSA @CIN4400
RBDonnel PumphreyWYO@ SDSU8300
WRCorey ColemanOU@ BU8600
WRJared CorneliusARK @LSU3300
WRCayleb JonesUTAH@ AZ3900
FLEXSam CraftMEM @HOU3700
FLEXSoso JamaboWSU@ UCLA3800

Best of luck!