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Johnny G’s NBA DFS 11-23-15 FanDuel Lineup – Fantasy Basketball Advice

Let us keep the winning steak going into the Monday, Nov. 23 NBA games. I feel the best fantasy match-up will be the high scoring affair between Charlotte and Sacramento. Rondo and Kemba Walker will each have very good games in my opinion. I also was able to get some solid mid-high value players in the lineup like Whiteside and Leonard.

NBA FanDuel 11/23 Lineup

PGK. WalkerCHA7500I like Kemba to go for a near triple double in this basketball contest.
PGR. RondoSAC8000Mr Triple Double himself should have a great dual with Kemba in what should be a very high scoring game.
SGE. FournierORL5900Shoots a ton and can fill up the stat sheet with some boards and assists as well.
SGD. WaitersOKC4600Even if KD returns, Waiters carries the second team and will always shoot at least 10 times a game.
SFR. CovingtonPhi5600Hopefully him coming back will help out the 76ers. Something must…
SFK. LeonardSA85005 Tool player. SA is not done running for titles just yet.
PFM. WilliamsCHA5100I wanted T. Thompson, but ran out of salary cap room.
PFK. PorzingisNY6300Boom or bust, but is actually a good value tonight at 6300.
CH. WhitesideMia8500He reminds me of Dikembe under the rim. Has better offense too.

Hopefully we win our NBA DFS 11/23/15 tournaments! With just a few days before Thanksgiving, let us be grateful for many things that we have in our lives.

Playing fantasy sports for over 20 years I would never have imagined a daily fantasy contest where people from all over would play in hopes of winning huge prizes, or just to spend a few bucks to enjoy the evening.