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Johnny G’s NBA DFS 1-20-16 Fanduel Lineup Advice

Wednesday brings us a bunch of great games to pick from. I feel we have a solid 50/50 lineup in the works tonight that we will hit in our lineups.

Be sure to always check your lineups before they lock. Sometimes late injuries, scratches, etc. can cause some great values to be unlocked right before the NBA games tip off.

NBA FanDuel Jan 20 DFS Lineup

PGK. WalkerCha8600Wont have 52 again, but he should score plenty against OKC.
PGR. RondoSac8100Love this matchup against the Lakers. Rondo could go for a triple double.
SGD. WadeMia7100Good price for him. Should get to 40 fantasy points.
SGR. HoodUta5100He shakes off the bad shooting from the other night and performs great.
SFK. OubreWas3500Starting for Porter. Just get me 20 fantasy.
SFO. CasspiSac5500Good matchup and good price.
PFF. KaminskyCHA4300Cannot get much better for 4300.
PFK. LoveCle6900His value has tanked faster than the oil markets. Still, he cannot shoot as bad and play as bad as he did the other night. No way.
CD. CousinsSac10700There is a reason I am loading up on the Kings… I think they hit `120 in this one.

Hopefully we win our NBA DFS 1/20 tournaments! Thanks again for following. If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.