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Johnny G’s NBA DFS 1-22-16 FanDuel Lineup Advice

I set a very well balanced 50/50 lineup for tonight’s Fanduel NBA games. Not tons of firepower, but each guy should get north of 25 points. Some sleepers in there too. Check it out.

Be sure to always check your lineups before they lock. Sometimes late injuries, scratches, etc. can cause some great values to be unlocked right before the NBA games tip off.

NBA FanDuel xxxx DFS Lineup

PGM. Carter WilliamsMil6500
PGE. PaytonOrl6100
SGM. EllisInd6300
SGR. HoodUTA5500
SFP. GeorgeInd8800
SFJ. CrowderBos6800
PFP. GasolChic8500
PFC. CapelaHous4800
CJ. ValanciunasTor6300

Hopefully we win our NBA DFS xxxxx tournaments! Thanks again for following. If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.