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Johnny G’s NBA DFS 1-30-16 Fanduel Lineup Advice

Some bad luck last night killed the lineup. Ejections, low playing time, etc. Let us stop that nonsense and get back to our winning ways. Tonight’s Fanduel lineup consists of Cousins, Wall, Aldridge and a bunch of 5k type minutes hogs that will get around 25 fantasy points on average. Hopefully 30.

Be sure to always check your lineups before they lock. Sometimes late injuries, scratches, etc. can cause some great values to be unlocked right before the NBA games tip off.

NBA FanDuel 1-30 DFS Lineup

PGE. MudiayDen5200
PGJ. WallWas9700
SGW. BartonDen6200
SGJ. JohnsonBKN5200
SFJ. GreenMem5200
SFO. CasspiSac5100
PFM. TurnerInd5100
PFL. AldridgeSA6900
CD. CousinsSAC11300

Hopefully we win our NBA DFS 1/30 tournaments! Thanks again for following. If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.