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Johnny G’s 10/31/15 FanDuel NBA Lineup

October 31st brings us another round of FanDuel NBA picks and we hopefully can end the month on a strong note. It will be nice to have a week of results to analyze and start looking for patters among the players and teams.

Fanduel Oct 31th NBA Lineup
A few things stand out for the round of games tonight. I really like John Wall going up against the Knicks in a high profile game. Also, I like Griffin (as always) going up against a Sacramento team that should have a very hard time trying to slow him down. Could this be the Clippers year? Either way, the Clippers are great for fantasy basketball so it really does not matter how they do, unless you are a Clip fan of course.   Mark Cuban……..not so much.

PGJ. WallWash9600One of the best players in the league. He gets fantasy points all the ways he can. Book him.
PGM. Conley Memp6400A solid PG on any given night and a decent value too.
SGT. AllenMemp4800Was running out of salary and I figure he can get around 20 fantasy points.
SGCJ McCollumPort6000If he keeps scoring like he did the other day he will not be 6000 for long.
SFO. PorterWash5400A young guy who can rebound well and get 12 points a game too.
SFR. GaySac7900Look for him to score 25 plus against the Lakers.
PFK. PorzingisNY4900A good first game he was able to score the ball. Hopefully that continues and at 4900 he is a steal.
PFB. GriffinLAC10000He is normally worth his premium, in what could be a very high scoring game.
CK. OquinnNY4800If he keeps getting double-doubles at 4800 I will take him all year long.

The first week has been decent so far, now let us go on a long winning streak!