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Johnny G’s 11/1/15 NBA FanDuel Lineup

November 1 2015 ends the first week of the 2015/16 NBA season. On today’s slate we have two FD contests, one all day contest starting early afternoon and a nightly one. This Nov 1 lineup is for the ALL Day event. There are a fair amount of games on the schedule and you will have to decide whether to watch the NBA or NFL games.

Fanduel Nov 1 NBA Lineup
For today’s games I am doing what I should have did two nights ago… start both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. I know it costs a ton of salary to do so, but I was able to find some good value sleepers for my Fanduel lineups today.

PGR. WestbrookOKC11200Probably the best overall fantasy player in the league, he gets it done in all aspects of the game. Amazing to watch. Expensive, but I love the matchup.
PGJ. LinCHA4800Linsanity is back! Well, not really but he does provide a good 20 minutes per game and can score well.
SGJ. ButlerChic7800Derrick who? Kidding but when Rose is 100% the Bulls will be very dangerous. Butler can light it up with the best of them and can provide rebs and assists as well.
SGE. FournierORL4300Great sleeper pick here on nov. 1. He gets quality minutes and has many tools.
SFJ. CrowderBOS4800Played well last year at the end and has the potential to be a big star. Still some off nights though.
SFK. DurantOKC10400Healthy and a happy OKC. Westbrook does not have to do it alone as the best 2 person combo in the league is in my lineup today.
PFJ. LauvergneDen3800Big man off the bench needs to get me 20 fantasy points today.
PFM. WilliamsCha4500Marvin Williams is still a good ball player. He does not get the credit he deserves.
CG. MonroeMil8300Against Toronto Monroe should continue his solid season.


I look forward to this lineup winning all 50/50’s and hopefully a tournament!