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Johnny G’s NFL Week 8 FanDuel Best Lineup!

It is time again for the NFL DFS FanDuel plays of the week.  This Sunday’s main event does not include the early game being played in London, so keep that in mind when setting your lineups this week. Remember winning tournaments requires taking some chances with long-shots, while putting the big money on the stars.  Good luck this week and play the DFS contests responsibly.

FanDuel 11/1/15 NFL 1pm Main Event Lineup

I really think New Orleans is a decent football team and that game against the Giants should be a high scoring affair, so I went with Brees and ODJ in that one.  Also, I expect Antonio Brown to have a big game since Ben is back this week.  Cincy has a tough defense, but Brown will be ready to exploit their secondary. I really do not feel the Bengals are in the same caliber of teams as the Patriots or Packers. This week will tell us a lot.

QBD. BreesNO7900I think this will be a high scoring game with the Saints at home. 325 yards 3 TD.
RBT. GurleySTL8100Rookie of the year. 100 plus yards and a TD.
RBD. WoodheadSD6100An all around star, well kinda a star, he gets solid points almost every week.
WRO. BeckhamNYG8700He should light up the Saints D. 125 yards and a TD.
WRA. BrownPitt8400With Big Ben back he will be back to his old self. 135 yards.
WRM. CrabtreeOak5700I think he breaks a long one off in this one for a score. Tough Jets D.
KickerJ. LamboSD4500Should be a high scoring game.
TEG. BarnidgeClev6300One of the best kept secrets in the league, ppl are finally seeing how good he is.
DefenseIndyColts4100I actually think the Colts will win this game.



Also, keep an eye on the weather this time of year as it can be windy, rainy, and the snow will be falling soon.  Stay tuned for next weeks fantasy advice.