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Johnny G’s DFS NFL Week 12 FanDuel Lineup

After Thanksgiving is when NFL crunch time begins toward the playoff push. Many teams are now in a must win situation and while the injuries are mounting for most teams, they have to find the way to get a victory. Week 12 brings us some injury caused starting opportunities for our RB’s this week. This allowed me to pick a great set of WR to go with a value QB play in Kurt Cousins.

FanDuel Week 12 NFL 1pm Main Event Lineup

QBK. CousinsWash6700Cousins should do well against the poor NYG defense that did give up over 50 points to the Saints. And Wash shredded the Saints.
RBT. RawlsSeat6300Starting now, he should be given at least 20 carries in this must win game for Seattle.
RBT. ColemanAtl6200Coleman is another guy getting the start and it may be good. Atlanta's offense has looked stagnant over the past month or so.
WRD.HopkinsHou9400Hopkins should have a field day against the Saints. Can they stop anyone?
WRAJ GreenCinn8200Green is looking to get Cincy back in the winners circle this week.
WRB. LaFellNE6900Who else is left for Tom Brady to throw the ball too?
KickerG. BarnidgeCle6500Barnidge should do nicely in what could be one of the worst Monday night games of the NFL season.
TEM. NugentCinn4600Solid kicker.
DefenseCinnBengals4800STL loves to turn the ball over. Cincy is good at home too.


With the NFL season winding down who here is going to start playing DFS NHL? I am trying to see the demand for fantasy hockey.
Have a great weekend.