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Johnny G’s FanDuel NFL Week 15 DFS Advice and Expert Picks

As the 2016 NFL season marches on there is one thing that is certain….. nothing is a sure thing.  But wouldn’t you want the most up to date research and statistical methodology behind your lineups?  Well who has time for that stuff?!

Well….. HAMMER DFS does.

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Need proof of our NFL winnings?  Here is a recent week 9 NFL winning shot of just one of the many on the week:


Hammer DFS Review of Site Winners

With that being said, let us talk about this week’s NFL games.

Fanduel NFL DFS Strategy

Cash Games– You want to own guys that turn in consistent weeks and have solid match-ups. The goal is not to have the most points, like you would in a GPP, but to raise your floor so you can get your lineup into the money. High risk guys are not the answer here. Think steady 10 – 15 point guys that you can build your roster around. Sometimes that is all you need, especially when most people reach for a fluke player who gets them 3.1 points.

GPP Tournaments – Here is where you want to shoot for the moon. Think long shots with good match-ups against bad defenses. Or search for an injury start or someone that will be targeted more than normal. The goal is to find low percent owned players and roster them. If they do not perform, as it often happens, it is okay because you hedged your position with a solid cash lineup.





FanDuel for week 15 of the NFL season is already here and below are two matchups I like for the week. Also, remember that weather can be very important this late in the year. I like the Raiders vs Chargers game to be high scoring. The Raiders are looking for the playoffs and the Chargers are trying to save their jobs.  I also like the Carolina vs Redskins game next Monday night. Cousins still has something to prove and is driving toward the playoffs.



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