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Johnny G’s 10/25/2016 NBA DraftKings Lineup Advice

The 2016 NBA DFS season is almost here. This year we are introducing a new format here at 3JA. Last year we gave free picks the night before. Well, it turned out often, that many changes needed to be made to optimize lineups. But we realized how good our lineups were after we did that. I am talking solid winners many nights of the week. So what did we do?

We launched HAMMER DFS – A DFS Consulting Service.

While the free picks are gone, we will still offer some advice, but for the MONEY you have to go to HammerDFS.  Think of it this way: You could pay for Nike shoes to play basketball or just grab some free ones from the trash. The choice is yours, but Hammer DFS will not let you down!

Contact us at HammerDFS@gmail.com or @HammerDFS on Twitter. We offer affordable monthly subscriptions that are a fraction of the cost of many others. And our goal is to WIN YOU MONEY.


Remember, you should always check your final lineups right before the players lock, since there are often last-minute changes that will allow you to get some cheap players who are now starting! The ones who consistently win update their lineups on game day minutes before the lineups lock. You need to do the same.

NBA DraftKings Fantasy Lineup Advice
Stay tuned for the October 25 DraftKings NBA lineup advice of the night section.

Good luck in your NBA DFS 50/50 or tournaments! Let us know who you put on your fantasy teams tonight! Our DraftKings NBA strategy can help you better your plays and winning percentages.

Thanks again to all our followers here at 3 Jack Almanac. Feel free to leave some comments, we normally respond within a day, most times less. Be aware of late scratches too, especially as the playoffs approach some guys rest when they are not even hurt.

Check out Daily Fantasy Nerd’s DFS Lineup Advice. Build winning lineups and improve your ROI! FREE trials are available. Here at 3 Jack Almanac we also do other fantasy sports as well. Feel free to browse the website.