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3 Ways To Play Pebble Beach Golf Course Cheap

We all see the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean on TV as the PGA Tour plays Pebble Beach each year.  Also, the US Open has been played here many times as well, leading to the increased enigma of the golf course. Add in a Pro-Am event and you have one of the most interesting tournaments the golfers play each and every year.

Some of you may remember in what arguably was Tiger Woods’ greatest victory in the 2000 US Open.  Winning by an incredible 15 strokes, we probably will never see that Tiger again.

So how can you play Pebble Beach without spending a ton of money? 

There are 3 Tips to playing Pebble Beach cheap!  See below:

1. Play Pebble Beach on a Holiday –  While you still may have to pay the full $495 plus cart fee, chances are you can actually get a tee time on days like Memorial Day, The 4th of July and Labor Day.  People travel alot these holidays and often times you might be able to sneak on at Pebble Beach during the holiday.  Also, since many people are traveling, do not be afraid to check out the days around that holiday for a tee time at Pebble Beach as well.  And as stated in tip #3, try playing later in the day for a discount tee time!

2. Stay and Play at Pebble Beach Golf Resorts –  One way to get a tee time is to stay at one of the resorts at Pebble Beach.  While this can be expensive, you can actually get your stay and tee time reserved months in advance.  From what i have read, the resorts are beautiful and worth the higher costs.   If you do not want the higher cost resorts, there is no actual requirement to stay there. There are quite a few low budget hotels you can stay at while planning your golf trip at Pebble Beach.  You can save hundreds by staying a local motel or hotel and still have a great stay.

3. Play Pebble Beach Late in Day for Twilight Rates  –  If you just show up later in the day you might be able to get one of the last tee times of the day for HALF PRICE if you are lucky!  While this is far from guaranteed, there are some variables of the pricing at Pebble Beach depending on times of the year, etc. etc.  The moral is do not be afraid to ask for a deal, especially if there is a chance you cannot finish the round do to darkness.

Hopefully these will help you book an affordable golf trip to the Pebble Beach Golf Links.