Top500Golf App Review – How to Play Private Golf Courses

TOP500Golf App

Years ago I could only dream about playing TPC courses, private country clubs, and some of the most world renowned courses. Now, that dream is a reality.  With so many people connected through this site, you can play some of the best golf courses that before were impossible to even get to. Consider it the Facebook or Twitter of course exchanges. Get in now!

So how do you gain access to some of the best PRIVATE golf courses around?

Top500 helps golfers connect with other golfers around the world!

– Expanding your potential to access to the world’s best golf courses
– Matching, golfers are only matched based on trusted networks – people you know, or at least know someone in common via your phone’s address book.
– Reciprocation, to request to play a course you have to offer a course in return
– Privacy, your identity is only revealed after you accept a course request or make a course request

Check them out for very affordable pricing!