Golf Digest Lexi Thompson Photoshoot Opinion Article

Last week, one of the largest golf magazines (Golf Digest) launched their annual fitness issue.  After taking heat over the last few years for having attractive (BUT NON-GOLFERS) on their cover, they thought they would make the fans happy and place a real LPGA top 10  pro on the cover.   Are people happy now ?    Apparently not…..

To recap, the issue was a fitness issue that had both Rory McIlroy shirtless and a near naked Lexi Thompson only in a towel.  Now, the stink is not about Rory, as it seems no one cares.  The attacks are coming to both Golf Digest and Lexi for having to use sexuality to sell magazines.

I personally feel this double standard is ridiculous.  Women have fought for years to have equal rights, equal pay, and most importantly equal respect.   However, this latest episode only confirms the misguided attitude in society.

Let us talk about equal for a minute.

Are both Rory and Lexi near the top of their respective tours?   Check.

Are both Rory and Lexi getting an equal opportunity to show their fitness?  Check.

Then what is the problem?      I feel it lies with the old school double standard.  I feel it is mostly out of jealousy and envy.  Many obviously feel a women golfer cannot be attractive and skilled at the same time.   If they happen to show off their fitness they are deemed to sell image short.  However, if they happen to be unattractive they are judged in a negative way as well.

Since it is a no win situation, just be yourself, whatever that may be.

Seems we have equality with Golf Digest but the magazine still gets grief………..