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Looking For Sports Blog / Golf Guest Posts!

Hi guys and gals,

This is Johnny G (Co – Owner) here at http://3jackalmanac.com.  We are proud to announce a milestone; as our average daily traffic has set a new record!   Now, we are consistently getting thousands of visitors per DAY.  As we move forward we need your help!

As we grow, we are looking for fellow (high quality only) golf and sports related websites to either exchange guest posts or to exchange links.  We will be limiting the amount of these to the best of the best, and will not just link to any old website. We will personally inspect and approve the site to ensure it passes our eye test.

We feel it is hard to compete with the multi-million dollar corporations in the search engines and want to give the little guys like us a chance to rank with them.  That is why we need to team up, as there is power in numbers.  Even though individually our websites may not be big enough, if we can all team up we can make a difference!

Just a few high quality in-post or page links can make a world of difference in getting your golf blog SEO friendly.  I know once we got a few good links we started to rank for some of our golf tournament posts.  While the process may be simple, it is hard work and finding a quality website that is willing to work with you can be tough.

No more!….

So, if you are interested in exchanging links and/or guest posts, in a sports / golf related field, including daily fantasy sports, contact us today!

We can be reached at 3jackalmanac at gmail.com. Also, view our contact page to get more information.

Also, feel free to navigate around our site and let us know what you think.