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Johnny G’s 2015 DraftKings College Football Lineup Picks 10-8-15 to 10-10-15

Welcome back followers.  Week 6 of the college football season is here.

Thank you for your continued support.   Let’s not waste any time, here are the best DraftKings lineups for the week (or so I hope)!

DraftKings Thursday – Friday 10-8-2015 College Football Lineup

Last week’s Th/Fr fantasy picks should have placed you winning your 50/50’s and some tournaments as well!  Again, I am looking to go QB heavy for the early games.  I think Ward Jr. is a must start for Houston.  You could start Kessler too, but I think Ward has the better upside and lower downside with his rushing yards.   Also, to hedge against not starting Kessler I started JuJu Smith at WR.   With DK giving 1 point per reception, WR’s are very valuable and Smith is almost a lock for 20 points a week.

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBNick MullensUSMS @MRSHL6300Mullens is a sneaky play going up against an average at best Marshall defense. At 6300, he is the best low end bargain out there.
QBGreg Ward Jr.SMU@ HOU10000Have you seen his numbers? Sick. No wonder he is 10k this week. The only other high end option is Kessler, who has no running upside like Ward.
RBMatthew DayesNCST @VT7300Getting most of the carries now, he will be a workhorse against VT. 80 - 100 yards and a TD should be expected.
RBXavier JonesSMU @HOU4100Had to go bargain here, X Jones has the most upside of all the backs at this price. He snags a few passes out the backfield. Great for 50/50 contests.
WRJeremiah GainesSMU @HOU3800Another low cost / high upside option. Gaines could get a few balls and maybe score this week. Should be a high scoring affair.
WRJuJu SmithUSC vs UW7300Star of the WR for the 2 day set. I need 25 fantasy points from him with this lineup.
WRD.J. ThompsonUSMS @MRSHL3200A true sleeper, I think he can get a few passes and get 6 - 10 fantasy points. I spent all my money!!!
FLEXChance AllenSMU@ HOU4200Allen always gets a few catches in this offense and could score at any given time. They have a lot of weapons so he probably will not get a ton of touches, but is a worthy bargain here.
FLEXCam PhillipsNCST@ VT3700I just have a hunch. I feel it.

DraftKings Saturday 10-10-2015 12pm Early Games CFB Lineup

Last Saturday was a mixed bag, with Skylar Howard really hurting some of my lineups.  I won’t make that mistake this week – loaded up with both Mahomes and Russell, and each team could score 50 points.  I also snagged a Baylor and Tx Tech WR to double up the points.  The lineup is aggressive, but I think it should also be able to win 50/50 contests as well.

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBP. Mahomes IIISU@ TT8400They will be angry after giving up more points in 2 weeks than some teams give up most of the season. Mahomes is a #1 QB. Actually a decent bargain here.
QBSeth RussellBU @KU9300Just start him. Do not try to out think it. I made that mistake before. He is automatic TD city baby.
RBKe'aun KinnerBU@ KU4200A was wrong about him last week, lets give him another shot. Maybe he can break free when trailing 45 - 14, in the 2nd Q…
RBJustin StocktonISU@ TT3700A great play here guys. He catches a lot of passes out of the backfield. 1 pt per catch really adds up at 3700.
WRCorey ColemanBU @KU7900If he catches 3 TD for one more game… I cannot guarantee that, but the guy find the end zone. Kansas D will not be able to stop that.
WRJakeem GrantISU@ TT6500Hoping to combo TD some passes, TT spreads the ball out so much it can be hard to pinpoint. But expect 6 - 8 catches this week.
WRKJ MayeMINN @PUR3500Last chance. I mean he does okay for his price, but that offense is terrible. But so is Purdue.
FLEXJohnny JacksonOSU@ AZ3200Great sleeper WR pick here. This young AZ guy will surprise some people. He has been getting quite a few touches and at 3200 is a no brainer.
FLEXMichiah QuickOU @UT3300I might swap him out later in the week. But he showed up in week 5 against WVU. Stay tuned.

DraftKings Saturday 10-10-2015 7pm Late Games Fantasy Picks

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBTrevone BoykinTCU @KSU9100
QBMason RudolphOKST @WV6500
RBTyler ErvinSJSU @UNLV8300
RBPhillip LindsayUC @ASU3600
WRMarcell AtemanOKST @WV4100
WRJake MaulhardtWYO @AF3400
WRJordan ThompsonOKST@ WV3200
FLEXJosh DoctsonTCU @KSU7600
FLEXJesus WilsonMIA@ FSU4100

Stay tuned for updates and any changes due to weather, injury, gut feeling, etc.