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Ultimate Guide – Golf Carts For Sale

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Whether you are looking a golf cart for sale in Myrtle Beach, SC , to drive around one on your farm in Montana, use as a club carrier for the country club, or just want one with some beefy tires to get to travel on your own hunting land, there are many things you need to know before purchasing a golf cart!

Hopefully this guide below will answer all your questions and then some.

Tips For Finding Reliable Golf Carts For Sale

1.  The first step to buying one is actually finding one for sale.  Word of mouth among close friends and family is probably the most reliable way to find a quality machine AND know the actual history of it.  Bob down at the local small engine shop told me once,

“It is more important to know WHO owned the vehicle, than what the vehicle type actually is.  With proper maintenance and care, almost any quality cart can be kept for many years.”

“Also, take a car jack with you and prop it up, check the frame, look for rust, just like you would a car. You would be surprised what you see underneath a used golf cart. Especially one that has been left out in the elements over the years.”


2. If you do not know anyone that is selling one, I would check the local dealerships that specialize in specialty vehicles like this.  I find this to be more reliable than a random stranger, since the company’s reputation is on the line. However, this is often the most expensive way to purchase.

Third party teams maintain a select listing of dealers housing used models. Prominent online lists have made it easier to track carts available for sale. Most leading brands offer a simple take on how to inspect a standard model. Online lists also rate the distribution team on professionalism and friendliness. That should give buyers a better outlook on how to expand their resources. Most salespeople are more than willing to help you and inform you, but do YOUR OWN research as well. Do not trust everything a salesperson says, just CONFIRM it yourself.

3. Check Craigslist, EBay, etc. online. Buyer beware here though, but you will definitely find something within a 25 mile radius of your home.  Localizing dealerships is part of the challenge when it comes to these select deals. A buyer should discuss some of the important aspects of ownership with a local team. By researching sites ahead of time, online listings are a helpful resource. These sites may catalog distinctive golf cart models for consideration before buyers show up there.

Our recommendation:  Even though you may pay slightly more, you will have the piece of mind by going with a quality, local retailer.  Peace of mind makes everyone sleep better at night.

What Should I Inspect Before I Buy?

A good small engine mechanic named Henry told me the following about engines in golf carts,

“Always, and I mean always, inspect the engine carefully. This mean oil level, color of the oil, sounds the engine makes, how the exhaust smells, everything… You never know how this thing was run or maintained.”

Many are Yamaha or Kawasaki engines that are around 8 – 12 hp, depending on the model. If maintained well, they can last a very long time. All gas engines should have their fuel drained or add fuel stabilizer to the tank if not sued for more than a month or so do to cold weather or winter time.


Why Do I Need One?
Taking a leisurely trip in a golf cart is perfect for gated communities and resort settings. It takes some planning to find a model fit for driving in an area. There are unique golf carts to be found at multiple different venues.
 By buddy Tim said, “When we moved to the beach down in Myrtle I was reluctant to by one and keep at by the mobile home. Boy I am glad my wife talked me into one!  They are almost essential down here!”
When I used to deliver to the gated communities, almost all the houses had golf carts in them.  I asked one person why on my pizza delivery order and they told me the country club makes them purchase their own carts to be used.  I was shocked and thought that would be provided for the huge fees to join the club, but he said it was just part of the deal.

Which Brand Of Golf Carts Are Best?

E-Z-Go, Club Car, and Yamaha will be some top names in the golf cart manufacturing business. Each model is inspected and approved before they are unveiled to buyers. They should feature ergonomic seating that adjusts to the body type of passengers. The wheel should be responsive, enabling people to turn at will around obstacles. Proper steering is needed to pass over hurdles and make it across a given course.

Club Car uses an aluminum frame, so if you are going to be around water, especially salt water like the beach, then you really need to weigh that option heavily. Many people in Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach can be seen riding these!

Others are loyal to Yamaha and their engines.  Many dirt bike guys love Yamaha’s and that loyalty transfers to this industry as well.

How Much Do Used Golf Carts Cost?

The prices for golf cart models depend on the functionality that they demonstrate. Each is equipped with a specific designation based on performance variables. That helps the dealer determine whether pricing guidelines are fair enough to customers. Advertisements should specific some of the bargains waiting for customers with their cart design. They may include price reductions or deals to snag carts for a reasonable price offer.

1. I found one 2013 Club Car on sale for $7000. Almost new.  Very basic, but good quality.

2. 2008 Club Car – $2800 – Looks clean
3. 2012 Club Car – Lifted off-road – $5900 – Looks custom.
4. 2001 EZ GO – Electric – $3640 – Solid – New batteryThese are just a few examples of prices ranges for used carts.  Prices will vary and will be more expensive in Orange County California as opposed to Palm Beach Florida.

Also note, if you are buying in a resort town, like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Put-in Bay, etc. Expect to pay more.  Also, even if you are not in a so-called vacation spot, if you live in an area where many people own carts, expect to pay more than you would where they are less common.

Can I Rent Them For The Winter?

Some centers do offer the opportunity to rent out used golf carts. That should prepare people for the challenges of driving the cart around a course. Avid golf fans will want to check back later for other deals on these rides. But used carts require occasional maintenance that may be beyond the grasp of rental consumers.

There are distinctive advantages to renting out individual golf carts. It may reduce the final price tag that customers pay for these deals. It also showcases some of the storage options that models feature. Setting golf carts in a storage basin in the rear should make it easier to traverse holes on a course.  And if you have a vacation home that you rent out for part of the year you may not want to let just anybody drive it for liability reasons

Where To Find Golf Cart Batteries?

1. Seems like an easy solution doesn’t it?  Well, not all places will carry the brand you have and the prices can vary greatly.  I highly recommend comparison shopping.  Sometimes Wal-Mart is not the best option. Many people are now buying batteries online as they provide the best deals, even with higher shipping costs.  Package batteries and accessories together to get the best overall price.

2. Also, be sure to purchase the right voltage battery.  Many do a core exchange so you should take your old battery in any way, so there is no way to buy the wrong kind. Maintenance for these batteries is key and you might want to keep a trickle charger on it. Make sure you know whether it is a 6V or 12V system though to be safe.

Should I Buy A Custom Golf Cart

  1. If you really like the way it looks then I would say yes.  But, remember that modifications normally do not help the resale value, much like a certain unique set of rims on a car does not really help the cars value. Same thing with golf carts.

2. Ask for the records of everything that was done on it.  Normally, people who modify a golf cart take great care of it overall.   Check the suspension though, it can take a great deal of abuse if not upgraded.



Where To Buy Golf Cart Tires?

  1. Once it may have been hard to find a good price on these tires, but now with online shopping you can have them shipped to your door within days. Also, many local stores carry the common sizes. Now, if you want custom off road tires, you may have to wait.

2. Craigslist is another good spot to check. Items that are heavy to ship often sell better there than they do on Ebay.

How To Find Electric Golf Carts For Sale?

  1.  I would first start by searching online.  Get some basic knowledge and price points of what you are interested in.  Now that you have a good barometer of what you are looking for you can expand your search and goto some local places that sell used golf carts. Craigslist is another option here and you might find a cheaper price. More risk though.

2. Word of mouth.  The always reliable buddy system can probably find you a better price than any retailer would.  Also, you would know the history of the cart and everything that was done to it.

As stated earlier, local dealer is our overall recommendation.

How To Tell If Used Gas Golf Cart Works?

  1. 90% of the checks you should do involve the engine.  See how it goes in forward, reverse,floored, and see if the governor is on or not. Has the engine been heavily modified or is it stock? Use the common sense test.  Does it look like and drive like it was well maintained? Make sure the exhaust smells normal as well.

2. Ask when the oil was last changed, if the fuel is drained or stabilized during the winter, and ask for receipts. You are the buyer, do not be afraid to ask these types of questions to the seller.

Also, inquire on where they have previously purchased golf cart parts and if any extra parts come with the purchase.  There are not a ton of different parts to worry about, so often times it is much cheaper to repair as opposed to buying a new one.


Buying Accessories

Some of the most common accessories include the following:  heaters, rain covers, off road tires, custom fit seat covers, custom paint jobs, etc.  As you can see, the sky is the limit when trying to find cool accessories for golf carts.  You may even find your self hooked and wanting to build a golf cart garage door for easy exit and entry for your new toy!

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go?

Electric – Most average 12mph or a bit more, but some custom ones out there can push 20 mph though. Be careful though if you follow others advice you will drive safely.

Gas – These can even get up to 25 mph, but you have to modify a few things. There are places online that will instruct you on how to make your golf cart go faster, but we will not discuss those today.

Hopefully we answered some of your questions and you can enjoy shopping for a new or used gas or electric golf cart!

Drive safely!  Interested in fantasy golf?  Check out Johnny G’s fantasy golf picks while you are here!

Images: Wikimedia/Wikipedia