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Johnny G’s MMA UFC 190 Draftkings Locks of the Night

With UFC 190 just getting set to go on tonight, it makes me think back to Royce Gracie and UFC 1.  Wow, the MMA world has come a long way.  You have to be a multi-faceted fighter in today’s world.  But I still think a young Royce, in the right weight class, could hold his own.  Anyway…

UFC 190 Draftkings Fantasy Picks

With these D.K. MMA leagues, it is key to pick winners that will get a first or second round W.  This really scores a lot of points and can add up quick.  Here we go:

Locks of the Night:

1. Ronda Rousey – She is more than just hype.  With a strong judo background and great striking and submission skills, I see no reason to believe this first will get out of the first round. She is just too good in order to let something slip though the cracks and allow a flash knockout or something.  Andersen Silva though that way too before I bet…..

2. Antonio Silva – This guy does not get enough recognition. He has been around a while and has knockout power.  While he may end up on the ground, he can get around down there as well. I like Silva in this one.

3. Demian Maia – A veteran UFC guy, Maia knows how to get results. He may have lost a step or so and might not get the knockout, you can get him for a good price for this fight. Book him now.

While the headliner is Rousey, I expect many of these fights to be close ones.  Good luck!