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Johnny G’s 2015 Week 3 College Football DraftKings Lineup 9-17-15 to 9-19-15

Onto the 3rd week already of fantasy college football season.  Patterns are starting to emerge from an up and down first few games of the season.  As usual, I will be updating this post through the week with my DraftKings Fantasy College Football Picks of the week.

DraftKings CFB Thursday and Friday Contest (9-17-15 to 9-18-15)

In the first contest of the week I like to try to get the sure points, especially since I will be hitting the 50/50 leagues hard with a lineup like this one featuring the Clemson QB and FSU RB. Each are, in my mind, the locks of the week for fantasy CFB.

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBDeshaun Watson CLEM @UL9500He is the star play of this 2 day stretch. But when you pay this much for one guy, he sure better perform or you will lose tons at the spot you gave up value. I like the play though.
QBLamar Jordan UNM @ASU5000A huge wild card, but he is the guy that plays quite a bit and ASU should give up at least 21 points, so there is marginal value here. Since I went with Cook at RB I had to skimp here.
RBDalvin Cook FSU @BC9400Another stud of the early games, Cook needs to go over 100 with a TD for this to be a good pick.
RBBrandon Radcliff CLEM@ UL4800Radcliffe got good action week 1 against Auburn but no so much week 2. Took a value play here thinking he will get 15 - 20 carries this week against Clemson.
WREllis Jefferson UNM@ ASU4700There are a ton of weapons at WR at ASU, but I like Jefferson to get 4 - 6 catches this week.
WRJa'Quay Savage CLEM@ UL4000At 4000, he is no sure thing. But if they get behind and have to air it out, he should be in the mix.
WRDevin LucienUNM@ ASU4000See Ellis J. Not much value at 4000. Total crapshoot.
Flex Kody Kohl UNM@ ASU3800A TE that actually catches passes, you can see the pattern here playing against the terrible New Mexico defense.
Flex Dameon GamblinUNM @ASU4800Do not be surprised if he goes for a long score in this one. I smell a 28- 7 meaningless TD…

Saturday 9-19-15 Early Games (Noon)

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBNate Sudfeld WKU@ IU8300I really like this matchup, at home against a below average defense. I hope for a shootout.
QBMatt Johnson MEM@ BGSU8700Speaking of loving games, I am going to play another team with mostly players from this game. Until Johnson slows down, he is a must start.
RBDoroland DorceusMEM @BGSU3900A true value play here, with all the other playmakers I picked I needed a cheap guy. I will take 10 pts from him all day.
RBElijah Hood IL@ UNC5400A solid value play that should get 15 - 20 carries in a game that should be close. At home too, so I hope for a TD and 90 yards or so.
WRTajae Sharpe TEMP@ MASS6600A huge star that you do not know. But I do know lots about him. Temple is much improved, but watch the let down Owls.
WRAaron Burbridge AF@ MSU5900A beast that will be very hard to stop in this game. Maybe a slight letdown will keep the game closer and allow for more passing as well.
WRPenny HartGAST @ORE3700They will be outclassed, but maybe he can get some of his catches early. The Ducks will be angry. But their defense is not exactly great, so it may not matter. Hart should get some touches.
Flex Gehrig DieterMEM@ BGSU3500Total flyer. I was out of money. They should score 40 points so I am needing a few out of him. This may change before gameday so keep an eye on 3jackalmanac.
Flex Markell JonesVT@ PUR3900Should be a close game and at home I like marginal players much more than when they are on the road.

Saturday 9-19-15 Mid Games (6pm)

PositionNameTeamSalaryStats / Notes
QBLuke FalkWYO@ WSU9900Planning for a huge game here, especially at this price.
QBP. Mahomes IITT @ARK8900All eggs are in QB baskets with this lineup. It is a risky lineup, but TT should pile on the points and TD's. They scored 70 against ARK last year.
RBJustin DavisSTAN@ USC4600Could hit a home run, but he is very explosive and should vulture some of Madden's load.
RBJosh HicksRU @PSU5100Very underrated player. He is taking more and more of the starting role and I look for 15 plus touches this week.
WRDevin LauderdaleTT @ARK4800Again, a risky play, but without much salary left I went with both #3 and #4 WR from Texas Tech. But they are so deep they could be #1 on any given week.
WRIan SadlerTT @ARK4200See above.
WRJauan WesleyISU @TOL3900Wesley could surprise you against a very average Toledo team that will be on letdown alert after beating Arkansas on the road last week.
FLEXXavier JonesSMU @TCU4000A very talented RB that could score and catch some passes. For $4000 we need some value.
FLEXMalcolm MitchellUSC@ UGA4600They will have to pass the ball soon or later, since they cannot rely on Chubb the whole year all by himself.

Saturday Late Games (8pm)

Load up on the QB for the late games!  Huge difference in talent there.

QB Trevone Boykin

QB Cody Kessler

RB Q. Ollison

RB X. Jones

WR J. Wesley

WR J. Grant

WR M. Rector

Flex J. Davis

Flex S. Barkley

It should be an exciting week.  Look for a future post on when to differ your fantasy lineups based upon what type of tournament you are playing.

Also, money management with your bankroll is always important and never chasing losses can keep you in the positive.

The season is long, very long, be very patient my friends.  Play the odds and good strategy will prevail in the long run. Do not be the guy to go all in with pocket jacks.