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Fantex (FXSP): How To Buy Stocks Of Athletes

Ever think you could actually buy shares of athletes? Me neither. But that time is here. Fantex is preparing to enhance their already cool portfolio of individual players by creating a Fantex IPO (FXSP) featuring a weighted average portfolio off their athletes. It is legit and will be traded at the NYSE. With an expected IPO price at initial sale of 12.50 – 14.50 a share, just a modest movement from that will give you a great return on your investment. The so-called “Athlete Stock Exchange” is here to stay.

Where to Buy Fantex?

Any brokerage should work. From ETrade, Scottrade, or another online investment brokerage, you can easily purchase the stocks of the individual athletes or the FXSP stock that will soon be released in the IPO.  Also you can contact your investment advisor or stock broker if you choose not to DIY invest.

So what athletes have signed with Fantex so far? And how do I buy their stock?

Name Stock | Ticker Symbol

Vernon Davis – VNDSL
Alshon Jeffery – JEFFL
Mohamed Sanu – SANUL
Jack Mewhort – JKMTL
Ryan Shazier – Not yet to market
Kendall Wright – KLWTL
Andrew Heaney – Not yet to market
Terrence Williams –  Not yet to market
Michael Brockers – BRKSL
EJ Manuel – EJMLL

Scott Langley – Not yet to market

Langley is the first PGA golfer to sign with Fantex. If you are smart with your money, this contract alone can set you for life. So I think many more aspiring tour pros that have potential for a good career will sign with Fantex. I figure we will see 2 – 4 golfers a year, or however many Fantex will want, to join the ranks of the “guaranteed payday” contract.

How Does Fantex Stock Work?

Each athlete in the soon to be issued stock will have a different weighting factor for the  FXSP stock.  Alshon Jeffery will be leading the way at 19%. As he should, since he is one of the best WR in the NFL.  The others will be weighted differently as they want the best players to achieve more weight in the stock.   I think this will be first of many investments like this and buying the stock of athlete contracts like this could be a great alternative investment in lieu of earning less than 1 percent in a savings account.

Also, Fantex has actually paid a dividend already. In June 2015 a 20 cent per share was granted for its tracking stock in Sanu.

Conclusion:  I am not sure if I will invest personally yet, but I am definitely going to watch it closely.  But sometimes the buying opportunity slips by then…..



Disclaimer: In no way shape or form does this constitute investment advice. Contact your financial advisor.