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The 3 Jack Almanac is everything about the hardest game in the world, golf.  We talk about how we play, how we try to get better, where we play, and the players we watch on TV.  We’re your internet golf buddies talking around the virtual water cooler.

We also offer cutting edge fantasy sports advice.  With over 20 years of experience, we consider ourselves better than average.  While we may not win all the time, we have P & P… we find Patterns and we have Patience.  We do not chase losing weeks or double down when we feel “lucky”.  We make our picks knowing the numbers never lie, mixed with a little gut instinct.

If you want to leave a comment, inquire about guest posting, advertise with us, or for any other reason, contact us below:

3jackalmanac AT gmail.com or @3jackalmanac on Twitter.

6 thoughts to “About / Contact Us”

  1. Love your site! Wondering if you will be posting any fan duel NFL lineups for this week playoff games? Would love to see a sat, sun, and sat/sun! I almost always use a portion of your lineups, if for no other reason, you all seem very well informed! Thanks again!

    1. We have most of a lineup completed for FD Sat/Sun that we’re trying to get posted tonight. Either be sure to check back or jump on the email list and it will be sitting in your inbox first thing in the morning. Thanks, Pete! Best case scenario would be a Sunday only lineup posted tomorrow additionally.

  2. Hello,

    Just reaching out to you to see if you accept guest posts on your site. I have a current blog at http://www.hittingitsolid.com but would like to contribute something to yours. I can write about anything relating to golf from the latest news, tips or equipment.

    Please let me know.



    1. Hi there Troy,

      Your site looks very professional. I think a guest post would be a fine idea for us.
      Hopefully we can post on your site as well.

      Feel free to contact us back at 3jackalmanac at gmail.com

      Johnny G

    1. Hi there, the plan is to have it up Saturday!

      NASCAR is so frustrating to predict, but it is fun to watch. I did not have time to post last week, but had Johnson when he broke on the restart from the lead, also involving Logano who I had. Lineup ruined in 5 seconds.

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