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Golf Gear on Crowd Funding

Today you don’t have to be a multinational company if you have an idea that can affect or revolutionize golf.

More and more golf gear are being promoted on crowd funding sites like Kickstarter where small firms and even private persons can get their ideas tested and raise capital for new and sometime different ideas.

Everything from new types of golf balls:










learning aids:


golf wear


and shoes


The latest example, is a simple idea that lets you write your name or logo on the ball easy and simple :


The G-Marker it might not revolutionize your golf game, but at least your balls look good.

So maybe the next item that will change your game forever is out there.


Johnny Giovonni

Hi, my name is Johnny Giovonni. I am in the financial services industry and own my own business on the side. I work too much and golf too little.

That is why I helped create this site, so I could at least have the dream of golfing everyday.

Also, I am a huge numbers person and have researched many advanced gaming theories and other nerd stuff like the Rule of 72 and Benford’s Law.

When I am not working I am either golfing, watching sports, or researching statistics for my weekly and daily fantasy picks. I am under full belief there is an enormous advantage to be had with information when picking your lineups every week. I hope to bring that knowledge to this website.

I look forward to writing and responding to your comments. Check out some of our course reviews, fantasy sports picks and as always, provide any feedback!