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Johnny G’s FanDuel MLB 4-18 Fantasy Lineup

The Blue Jays and Red Sox are finishing up their series this afternoon, but we will be looking at the seven game main contest starting at 7:05 p.m. EST.

Jose Fernandez at home is good enough for me.  He can give up six runs, take the loss, walk some guys if he wants to as long as he strikes out about 14 batters in the process, since this is FanDuel.  It’s crazy how heavily pitcher strikeouts are weighted.

There’s also a Cincinnati stack we’re rolling with tonight.

Good luck!

Be sure to always check your lineups before they lock. Sometimes late injuries, scratches, etc. can cause some great values to be available before the first pitch. Also, MLB often has last second decisions since they play almost every day. If you want to win, you really need to check your fantasy lineups frequently on game day. Just use my baseball lineup as a template to start your research. While we may not have the best picks every day, we feel our FanDuel MLB strategy is sound and it is also free!


MLB FanDuel 4/18/16 DFS Lineup

PJose FernandezMia vs Was10700
CJacob RealmutoMia vs Was2400
1BJoey VottoCin vs Col3900
2BBrandon PhillipsCin vs Col2800
3BMatt DuffySFG vs Ari3000
SSZack CozartCin vs Col2900
OFAustin JacksonCWS vs LAA2500
OFJay BruceCin vs Col3800
OFCurtis GrandersonNYM @ Phi3000


Hopefully we win our MLB DFS April 18th tournaments! Thanks again for following, we really need our fans! If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Chris Racic

Chris Racic lives and plays in NE Ohio. He works full time in the Financial Services industry and owns an absolutely horrendous short game. He fits as much golf in as he can without being served divorce papers. Chris chipped in for an eagle at Seven Hills Country Club in Hartville, OH the day before his daughter was born and is positive it’s some sort of sign.