Johnny G’s FanDuel NBA 10-17-2017 Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks

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 Now onto tonight’s FanDuel NBA Fantasy tip of the day: 10/17/2017 – Opening Night

Some big names on the slate tonight. Let us try to narrow that down to my LOCKS OF THE NIGHT!

1.Kyrie Irving – Have any doubts that he will not put up  60 plus fantasy points?  I don’t. He plays better with a chip on his shoulder.

2.James Harden – Same can be said for Harden. Tired of being second fiddle to the GSW. Looks for a triple double in this one, as they lose by 22 points…

3. As a modest sleeper I do like Clint Capela for the Rockets. He can give you 16 – 11 before you know it in somewhat limited minutes.


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