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Johnny G’s Guide to NFL Sportsbook Bankroll Management

With just a few short weeks until the NFL 2016 season there are many questions fans what to know.  Will the Broncos be able to replace Peyton Manning and repeat as Super Bowl champs?  Will Tom Brady come back and bring the Patriots to a championship?  No matter what happens in the actual games though, I use this time of year to find an online NFL sportsbook that can help me through the football season.  I want my initial deposit with the sportsbook to hopefully last the whole season and that takes good bankroll management.

So what exactly does good bankroll management even mean?  Well it means wagering smart and consistent. Do not bet less when you are winning and chase losers when you are behind. A solid system is needed to ensure you take your mental attitude of highs and lows, which will happen during each of the NFL’s 17 weeks.

If you are looking to make some money with the intentions of taking one big risk a week to hit a huge payday, then I have a great strategy below for you!

Each Week

The bets will be notated as “units”.  If you are a low stakes player your unit could be a dollar. High stakes players it could be a thousand. To each his own, but bankroll management is the theory here.

1. Low Risk Parlay – 10 units – Here you want to parlay two or three moneyline favorites.  It would look something like this: Denver +250  &  New England +400 .     The reasoning here is you can still get some decent winnings, but the odds of hitting a straight up 3 team parlay are 6/1.  Playing the moneyline will greatly improve those NFL odds.

2. Medium Risk –  Play the spread and over under in the same game – 10 units – This may or may not be in play.  But can be a great bargain if you find this event taking place. Say in late fall you see some really bad weather coming. Cross winds and heavy rains are terrible for offenses, especially in the pass happy days of the NFL here.  If you see Sunday morning the weather will be awful (snow is not necessarily bad for scoring) you might  be able to hit a quick 2 pick parlay here.

3. High Risk High Reward Parlay – 2 units – Since we all love to win big or at least hope to, this goes out to you. This is the play money that you should not be afraid to lose.  This is the huge 5 – 7 team parlay and feel free to add a few huge moneyline favorites here as well.  The key here is that not many people can pick that many winners, however look at over / unders and even college football to add to this. The smaller conferences there often have good value plays.

4. And MOST important – You must be consistent! Do not chase losing days. It happens.

Betting like this at your sportsbook will allow you to keep playing for some time, even through a down streak. And the upside potential is huge!

Hopefully you can at least give that strategy a try this fall football season. Best of luck to everyone!

In other breaking news, Marshawn Lynch will NOT play for the Raiders.    There have been rumors ever since he announced his retirement of if it was real or not. Well, I really think he is  done.



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