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Johnny G’s NASCAR 9-18-16 ChicagoLand Speedway (TMNT) 400 DraftKings Lineup Advice

NASCAR DFS is one of the most intense fantasy sports out there. You can go from winning big to losing it all with just one caution flag. It is not without huge opportunities though to win a big GPP with just a little luck and a little skill mixed together.

One thing to note about DraftKings NASCAR is the scoring. Be sure to fully understand how the rules work, because laps led and fastest laps are important metrics to know, especially in 400 – 500 lap events.  At Watkins Glen, it may not be a big deal at all, so be fully aware of where the race is this week when building your DraftKings NASCAR lineup.

If you are looking for a quality NASCAR DFS consultant, check out http://hammerdfs.com.  They provide affordable, quality advice with a family like atmosphere. While many do not like the risk of NASCAR, we accept it with open arms to exploit and advantage we can find with our research.

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Chicagoland Speedway has been around since 2001, as it is a mile and a half rather fast raceway. This week I look for Keselowski to continue his success here, as he has two wins in the past few years.  I also think with this being the first race of the Chase, that you may see some hard-driving from the guys near the back of the Chase standings…. here is looking at you Tony Stewart.


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