Chris Racic


My Philosophy: Useful opinions and reviews come from consistency.   You don’t have to agree with the types of courses I like or my opinions on clubs or favorites going in to the next tournament.  You just have to get to know my preferences and apply what you know about me to your personal taste.

We all have that one (or more possibly) golf buddy that wouldn’t know a good course if he was playing it in the U.S. Open.  As long as you know how to filter it, you’ll get some useful information from him.

If you know I like fast greens, but prefer them slow, you know a glowing review of the greens on a course will probably register higher on the Stimpmeter than you’re looking for.  So read a few articles and get a feel for what we’re about.  Then be sure to stop back regularly and join in some of the conversations.

Check out what’s in my bag here.

Married with 3 kids, Chris Racic lives and plays in NE Ohio.  He works 2 jobs, plays golf, watches golf, talks about golf, now writes about golf, and owns an absolutely horrendous short game.  He fits as much golf in as he can without being served divorce papers.  He chipped in for an eagle at Seven Hills Country Club in Hartville, OH the day before his daughter was born and is positive it’s some sort of sign.

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