Golfer Stabbed Over Slow Play

Did you hear about this?  Slow play is frustrating, even infuriating at times. But, however much you think you despise people taking too much time on the links, you’ve got nothing on Lee Johnson.

Johnson was arrested at a Payson, Utah golf course on Saturday after he stabbed a man in the group ahead of him for not letting Johnson and his wife play through, according to KUTV out of Salt Lake City.

The 61 year-old man and his wife were playing in front of a foursome on a Saturday evening.  They were playing quicker than the larger group in front of them, but when Johnson asked to play through, he was denied.  An altercation ensued that had to be broken up by course employees called in from the clubhouse.

As the groups made the turn, Johnson caught up to members of the group and once again assumed he would be allowed to jump ahead of the four golfers, but once again was turned down.  That’s when, according to the report:

“Johnson then pulled a pocket knife and stabbed one person”

The Utah man was wrestled to the ground by another member of the group.

The stab wound was non-life threatening, but the victim was taken to the local hospital.  Lee Johnson was taken to the local jail, accompanied by charges of aggravated assault.  The wife was not charged.

I’ve heard of fist fights breaking out on the course.  We’ve talked about a gun pulled on a group of golfers before.  But an actual stabbing might be the most extreme reaction we’ve heard so far.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the golf course?


Chris Racic

Chris Racic lives and plays in NE Ohio. He works full time in the Financial Services industry and owns an absolutely horrendous short game. He fits as much golf in as he can without being served divorce papers. Chris chipped in for an eagle at Seven Hills Country Club in Hartville, OH the day before his daughter was born and is positive it’s some sort of sign.