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Johnny G’s 2016 NFL Week 1 DraftKings Lineup Advice

2016 FanDuel and DraftKings season is here!

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With that being said, let us talk about week 1 on the NFL season. It has been sometime since we saw the Denver Broncos defense crush it in the Super Bowl. Now, the rematch is just a few days away. With Manning retired, the Broncos will be a completely different team to watch this year.

Can the Broncos offense be trusted?  The Carolina defense wasn’t exactly a pushover last season.  We love the Denver defense, and there’s no reason to think they won’t be a top tier D again this season, but there are other defenses in better matchups across the Week 1 schedule.

Although it will be great to watch as a matchup and as the inauguration into the new season, we’re probably not selecting any players from the Thursday game for our Daily Fantasy Sports lineups.

As always, it feels like we barely survived the off-season, to make it to Week 1 of a new NFL season. While there’s a lot of excitement as Carolina travels to Denver for a rematch as a 3 point favorite, there are minimal value plays for DFS in this game. I’m staying away from this game other than the Defenses for both teams.

So as you finish up your fantasy football drafts and fund your Fanduel and DraftKings accounts, get ready for another great 5 months of football season.

I would like to briefly talk about bankroll management as well. One theory is to place your contests so that your cash game wins will cover any tournament losses. This hedge will allow you to have positive ROI weeks even if your GPP lines are way out of the money. Doing this can make a tough luck weekend much more enjoyable. And when you hit a big GPP, you will be even more thankful you made your bankroll last as long as possible.

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Johnny Giovonni

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That is why I helped create this site, so I could at least have the dream of golfing everyday.

Also, I am a huge numbers person and have researched many advanced gaming theories and other nerd stuff like the Rule of 72 and Benford’s Law.

When I am not working I am either golfing, watching sports, or researching statistics for my weekly and daily fantasy picks. I am under full belief there is an enormous advantage to be had with information when picking your lineups every week. I hope to bring that knowledge to this website.

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