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Johnny G’s 2016 NFL Week 1 FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Advice – Fantasy Football

2016 NFL FanDuel and DraftKings season is here!

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With that being said, let us talk about week 1 of the NFL season.

Looking at the schedule for week 1, I notice two games with the over/under currently projected over 50 total points. Detroit at Indy and Oakland at New Orleans are both projected to be high scoring. I like the home teams in both of these games. I also like Pittsburgh at Washington on Monday night. Of note, for those NFL Vegas line watchers, Seattle opened -6.5 and moved to -10.

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There are different strategies for NFL DFS depending if you are doing cash or a big tournament, otherwise known as a GPP. Some people prefer bankroll management and want their cash to last all year. Others treat it like a lottery and want to win huge tournaments with extreme lineups. Both can earn you lots of money over the long haul, it is just your margin of volatility that makes you choose how you want to play.

Remember if you are wanting a big win in a tournament, you need low % owned guys to go off. Think a 3rd WR who has two TD’s. Or a stiff TE that has 90 yards and a touchdown. A guy that is 40% owned is not going to do a whole lot, unless he has 5 TD and you can eliminate everyone else who did not have him. From there, the low owned guys can do the rest of the damage for you.

Johnny Giovonni

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