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Johnny G’s MLB DraftKings & FanDuel Fantasy Picks 6-17-2017

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Now onto tonight’s  MLB Fantasy tip of the day: 6/17/17

1. Archer has a tough match-up on the road versus Detroit, but he is a GPP type stud who might be a bit underowened on today’s slate.

2. Huge over/under in the Indians vs Twins night game has stack written all over it. Adam Wilk is on the mound for the Twins…. hit away Tribe.

3. Is Nova really a sub 3 ERA guy…. I say no…. a regression is due so load up on the Cubbies.

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Johnny Giovonni

Hi, my name is Johnny Giovonni. I am in the financial services industry and own my own business on the side. I work too much and golf too little. That is why I helped create this site, so I could at least have the dream of golfing everyday. Also, I am a huge numbers person and have researched many advanced gaming theories and other nerd stuff like the Rule of 72 and Benford's Law. When I am not working I am either golfing, watching sports, or researching statistics for my weekly and daily fantasy picks. I am under full belief there is an enormous advantage to be had with information when picking your lineups every week. I hope to bring that knowledge to this website. I look forward to writing and responding to your comments. Check out some of our course reviews, fantasy sports picks and as always, provide any feedback!